Visit Tröllaskagi

  • Where to stay

    Where to stay

    Hotels, guesthouses, cabins, hostels and camping places are available in the area all to your own convenience

  • Things to do

    Things to do

    Troll Peninsula with its adventurous location offers various activities all year around. Enjoy!

  • Where to eat

    Where to eat

    There’s no reason to stay hungry while travelling the Troll Peninsula. Restaurants and Cafés are sure to take care travellers needs.

Discover Tröllaskagi

  • The Arctic Bow

    The Arctic Bow

    The Arctic Bow, is a magnificent scenic route, up in the north of Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle

  • Vibrant nature

    Vibrant nature

    Trollaskagi is an area of spectacular natural beauty where the beauty of the mountains and the fjords is awe inspiring 

  • Unique Culture

    Unique Culture

    Festivals, exhibitions, consert, museums and more all form the foundation of a blossoming cultural life

  • Fun activities

    Fun activities

    From the spectacular nature and rich cultural life springs a variety of fun activities all year around

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