About Tröllaskagi

About Tröllaskagi

Troll peninsula (Tröllaskagi) is one of the most extraordinary mountain scenarios in Iceland. It lies in North Iceland between the fjord of Skagafjörður and the fjord of Eyjafjorður. The peninsula is mountainous with several peaks reaching over 1200m above sea level, some over 1400m, the tallest one is Kerling (1538m). It is the part of Iceland with the highest elevation outside the central highlands.

The peninsula is cut by several deep valleys that were carved by glaciers during the glacial periods of the last Ice age and later by the rivers that now flow down those valleys. A few permanent glacier ice caps still exist in central Tröllaskagi but they are all rather small.

The possibilities for outdoor activities are vast with various hiking trails, heli skiing, off pist skiing and skiing resorts. The peninsula is rich in natural resources such as flora and fauna, bird species and geological monuments. Eyjafjörður is also an excellent for whale watching.

Cultural life is in bloom with cultural houses, local theatres, historical museums, choirs and more.

Transportation is available all year around.

The nature of the Troll Peninsula is powerful and the mountainous landscape adds an adventures atmosphere. The peaceful mountains, sound of the wave, clear winter night sky, northern light, soft breeze of the spring, blue berry hills during the fall. Everything that money can´t buy, leaving a pure joy at heart. Magical.

The northernmost point of the Troll Peninsula hosts two communities; Dalvíkurbyggð and Fjallabyggð.

Dalvíkurbyggð is divided into three settlements; Dalvík, Árskógssand and Hauganes, Dalvík being the largest one and the centre of administration and service.  The main industries in Dalvíkurbyggð are; fishing industry and related businesses, tourism, a leading global plastic manufacturer, agriculture, building industry and more

Fjallabyggð is divided into two settlements; Siglufjörð and Ólafsfjörð. The main industries in Fjallabyggð are; fishing industry and related businesses, tourism, teleprocessing, and the making of boats, ambulances, fire engine cars and fish processing machines and more.