Roads and weather

When travelling around Iceland one must always pay a good attention to weather forecast and road conditions. Here below are listed some information sites.

Weather forecast





Road conditions

North Iceland


Avalanche conditions

Avalance forecast



On you can find extensive amount of information which can help you plan your travel to and around Iceland in more safe and secure way.

To make travel in Iceland safer - for your safe return is run by ICE-SAR and is part of a bigger project, simply named Safetravel. In that project a number of companies, public institutions and individuals join hands and the goal is to lower the rate of accidents in travel and tourism in Iceland.

The 112 Iceland app can be used for two things, both for added safety on your Iceland trip. First of all you can call for help by pressing the red Emergency button. Your location will be sent by text message to the 112 response center. Remember that even though your phone shows no signal there is a possibility that you can send text message.

The green Check In button is for you to leave your location with us so if something happens we have more information to work with. Only the 5 last locations are stored and we recommend you use this – don’t worry – you are not disturbing anyone – except for our big computer who wants to be disturbed.