Unique culture

Troll Peninsula cultureCultural life is blossoming on Troll Peninsula with various festivals, galleries, museums, exhibitions, workshops and events all year around.  

The cultural life beats in rhythm with the northern seasons and the long and dark northern winter encourages people to participate in all kinds of social life.

It all starts in the fall when the various choirs start practising, the drama clubs brush the dust from the scripts and big and small social clubs advertise upcoming winter schedules and seminars.

Troll Peninsula cultureMusical life has always been colourful in the area and the musicshools are a great support to local musicians. There are several museums; libraries, natural museums, herring museum and folk museums which are a source of cultural events all year around. Two cultural houses provide guests with events and exhibitions all year long. The infrastructure for the cultural life is good and cultivates the heritage to the area to locals and guests.

When it comes closer to Christmas the inhabitants bring out the Christmas decoration lighting up the darkest time of the year with colourful lights all leading up to the New Year festivities with fireworks lighting up the sky promising a happy new year.

Troll Peninsula cultureIn earlier times Icelanders had different names for the months and they started in different time than today. Icelanders still value some of the traditions of the old months and in the middle of January the old Icelandic month Þorrinn starts with some very specific food tradition.

When the spring arrives the air fills with choir singing and theatre performances giving locals and guests the opportunity to enjoy the hard work of winter days.

The summer is the time for good times in general with endless days stressing into the morning and one wishes that he didn´t have to sleep. There are several festivals in the area and guests are advised to ask for information about these festivities. The hiking week, BERGMÁL – classical music, Folk song festival and The Great Fish day are some examples, Boating days - family festival and Folk Music festival in Siglufjörður.

Troll Peninsula cultureThe berry picking season stars in September and the sheep’s and horses are herded from the mountains.

Soon the winter starts arriving again and the days get shorter. The cycle of nature stars again and so do the cultural activities of the locals.