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Troll Peninsula is an adventurous location with its high mountains, green valleys, lakes and sea. The recreation is a reflection of the nature all year around; Skiing resorts, off pist skiing, heli skiing, golf, horseback riding, hiking, whale watching and bird watching to mention something.

The Northern light shine during the wintertime and the hills are filled with juicy berries during the fall. Not to mention the spring and the summertime where the days stets into the night and the light seem never ending.  

The area is rich with culture and for those knowledge thirsty history is on display at local folk museums and Cultural houses have exhibitions all year around.

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  • Outdoor Activities
    The mountains have been awake for thousands of years, with a closer look you can see withi...
  • Outdoor Activities
    Whale watching in Eyjafjordur North Iceland is a must when visiting The Troll Peninsula. T...
    True North
  • Outdoor Activities
    Iceland is a world class destination for ski touring, backcountry skiing, cat-skiing, heli...
    40-Viking Heliskiing.JPG
  • Outdoor Activities
    There are many interesting places to be found around Troll Peninsula worth visiting. The a...
    Henriette's Barefoot path
  • Outdoor Activities
    Great boat tours await you in the Troll Peninsula north Iceland. Visiting the islands Hris...
    Midnight sun
  • Outdoor Activities
    Horses were first brought to Iceland by the first Viking settlers during the years 874 - 9...
  • Outdoor Activities
    Sea Angling is fun for all ages and there is nothing more peaceful than being out on sea i...
    Captain Freyr with a cod
  • Outdoor Activities
      Fishing in lakes and rivers and other watersports awaits you in the Troll Peninsula. Y...
  • Outdoor Activities
    There are three good ski resorts in this area of Troll Peninsula.  Skiiers can there by ch...
    39-Bungutoppurfeb 2014nr1.JPG
  • Culture Experiences
    On Troll Peninsula you will find interesting art and craft galleries.  Talented artists wo...
    Art & Craft
  • Outdoor Activities
    A tour to the geothermal swimming pool is a must when in Iceland.  You will find lot of po...
  • Outdoor Activities
    Playing golf in North Iceland can be an adventurous experience. Playing in the midnight su...
  • Comnunity halls
    Community halls around Iceland are often rented out to groups or individuals for sport, me...
  • Culture Experiences
    You can find number of interesting museums and exhibitions in this area of Troll Peninsula...
    The Herring Museum
  • Nature experiences
    There is nothing like snowmobiling in Iceland. Breathtaking is a word most often used by s...
  • Culture Experiences
    In the Trollpeninsula one can find small but ambitious breweries. They are open up for vis...
  • Outdoor Activities
    Ólafsfjörður shooting Club  has two sporting pitches for six pigeon shooting with six pige...