Art & Craft

On Troll Peninsula you will find interesting art and craft galleries.  Talented artists work here and their art can be viewed in galleries and museums.  We do also have number of interesting craft galleries that sell both quality textiles, hand-knitted garments and souvenirs. 

Tour operators

  • Stjarnan Gallery

    Stjarnan is a small glass workshop whose speciality is in table ware for both personal use but also for hotels and restaurants.

    Stjarnan is also well known for their other work of art creating both decorative and useful things.
    Visitors are welcomed to stop by and have a look.

  • Smķšakompan.jpg

    Sigrķšur Trampe has an open workshop in Olafsfjordur where she does carving and small items out of wood.

    At the workshop guest can see Kristin at work and look and by her work.  The worshop has open most days after lunch or according to prior agreement.

  • Alžżšuhśsiš
  • Ugla gallery

    Gallerķ Ugla (Gallerķ Owl) is a small gem in Ólafsfjöršur, Fjallabyggš. 24 invidiuals are now selling their products and they are increasing rapidly so the diversity is a lot. You can get f.ex. our popular Lopapeysa (Woolsweater), fine dresses, personalise gifts, bags made of leather and fish skin, knitting and crochet of all kinds,paintings and local fish products (smoked salmon and dryer fish).

    The Gallerķ is open: 
    Winter opening: Thursday - friday from 14-18 pm, Saturday from 13-17 pm
    Summer opening: Monday - friday  14-18 pm, Saturday  from 13-17 pm

    If you would to visit the Gallerķ outside opening time,please contact us  00354-8642372(Alda) 00354-8650967(Kamilla)


  • Frķša studio

    Frķša Björk Gylfadóttir or “Frķša” as she is called, lives in Siglufjöršur with her husband and son.

    About the same time Frķša started making hats with pretty good results. They were done with her great grandmother in mind, who owned a hatshop in Reykjavķk in the 1950“s.

    After moving to Siglufjöršur, Frķša started drawing and painting again, after a long break. Life out in the country gave a new and greater energy and her work grew in numbers and diversity. Her first studio opened in 2003. In 2006 openend her current studio at Tśngata 40a, Siglufirši.

  • Studio Sjįlfsbjörg

    Studio Sjįlfsbjörg is located in Laekjargata 2 Siglufjordur. Opening hours are from 13:00 - 16:00 monday - friday.
    Lot of ceramic and other handcrafts for sale.

  • The artist Vignir Žór Hallgrķmsson

    Vignir Žór Hallgrķmsson is an Icelandic painter born in North Iceland in a small town of Dalvķk. Vignir has been painting for years alongside his day job as a carpenter. He has sought many different painting lessons taught by various Icelandic painters.

    Vignir mainly works whith watercolour and oil paintings, drawing inspiration from the beautiful Icelandic nature.

    Vignir has held several solo exhibitions through the years as well as participating in exhibitions with others.