Playing golf in North Iceland can be an adventurous experience. Playing in the midnight sun surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Troll Peninsula with an ocean view is an unforgettable experience.  Contact the local golf clubs if you want to try this out.

We have 3 good golf courses in the Troll Peninsula all 9 holes and all with beautiful surroundings and some of them challenging.  


Tour operators

  • Hamar Golfclub - Arnarholtsvollur

    Arnarholtsvöllur, 9 holes par 72

    The Arnarholt golf course is 7km. outside of Dalvík at Arnarholt in Svarfaðardalur. Legend says that the original 9th century settlers of the valley are buried here and archaeologists have excavated early medieval remains that support this. The golf course is located in spectacular natural environment and is popular with both local residents and visitors. It is possible to rent golf clubs, carts and exercise balls.

  • Olafsfjordur Golfclub - Skeggjabrekkuvollur

    Skeggjabrekkuvöllur. 9 holur, par 66

    The golf club of Ólafsjörður operates a 9-hole golf course near Skeggjabrekkudal with exceptional view over Ólafsfjarðarvatn, the town and Eyjafjörð. The course is at once both challenging and entertaining. The eccentric area charms all those who have tried the course

  • siglogolf.JPG

    Hólsvollur 9 holes, par 70

    Hólsvollur has been in use since 1997 and is placed close to Siglufjordur.

    9 holes