Ski Resorts

There are three good ski resorts in this area of Troll Peninsula.  Skiiers can there by choos between different areas and move between them depending on wether and what they seek.

The ski resort in Siglufjördur is among the best areas in Iceland. The slopes are good and variable and the view is breath taking.  Lot of snow, 4 ski lifts the highest point is 630m. The ski area has a vertical drop of 450 meters and the longest trail is more than 1.5 km

Olafsfjordur is known for good gross country trakcs all around the town, but does also have a ski lift with a good alpine slope.

In Dalvik the ski area is in walking distance from the town.  It has two lifts and good alpine slopes. The vertical drop is 322m and the longest slope with lights is 1.2 km. There is a snow production in the area and because it is not high in the mountains the weather is often considerable better in Dalvik Ski resort than elsewhere on Troll Peninsula keeping the lifts open when other close down. 

Tour operators

  • Dalvík Ski resort - Boggvisstadafjall

    Dalvik Skii resort is in a walking distance from Dalvik at Boggvisstadafjall.

    The resort has two ski lifts one 700 m long and the other 500m long. The vertical drop is 322m.

    Cross country tracks are close to the area 

    Possible to get a private ski instructor during weekends.

  • Siglufjordur Ski resort

    The ski slopes of Skarðsdalur are without a doubt among the best in Iceland. There are 4 lifts total length close to 2000 m where the highest point is 650m above see level. The fourth and highest lift measures 530 meters in length with a vertical rise of about 180 meters, and a capacity of about 550 persons per hour. The top end of the lift is over 650 meters above sea level. A fin ski lodge with good facilities for visitors. The skiing area is equipped with flood lighting.

    Good quality snow, and good ski slopes with a fantastic view over Siglufjordur.

  • Olafsfjordur ski resort

    Ólafsfjörður offers ideal conditions for winter sports. The neighbouring mountains and valleys offer excellent terrain for snowmobile touring and the environment is particulary well-situated to skiing. In Ólafsfjörður there is one lift, 650 m, well suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Specially laid tracks extent pratically all over the town, and The Ólafsfjörður Skiing Association organises cross-country excursions anround the vicinity. The Tindaöxl skiing area is equipped with ski lifts and excellent slalom tracks. Snowboarding enthusiasts have large pristine areas at their disposal. Refreshments are on offer in the Skiing Association Lodge, wich is also equipped with attic sleeping bag accomodation for up to 25 persons.