Fishing and water sports


Fishing in lakes and rivers and other watersports awaits you in the Troll Peninsula.

You can go diving from Hjalteyri to see the spectacular under submarine smectite cone „Strytan“ that rises from the bottom of the ocean. Strýtan is one of a kind, discovered in 1997. It is estimated that around 100 litres of 75°C hot water per second stream out of the cone.

Canoing in Svarfaðardalur Nature reserve on the river is a sport ideal for most people that love a quiet trip down the river enjoying the water and surrounding nature.

Fishing is also possible in both lakes and rivers.  For Svarfaðardals river and Ólafsfjardar river you can buy fishing licence at SVAK :

Hrísatjörn a small lake at Dalvik is a good place to let kids fish.  The lake at Ólafsfjördur is so close to the ocean that it has both fresh water and salt water in it. Therefor you can catch both trout and traditional ocean fish like cod. During winter time fishing by jigging a line through holes in the ice is popular at this lake.  

And finally you can fish from the shore line anywhere and there are good places to find for angling from the beach.