Whale watching

Whale watching in Eyjafjordur North Iceland is a must when visiting The Troll Peninsula. The picturesque landscape and sightings of whales as it gets best in the world. The magnificent humpback whale is actually seen most often or in over 90% of the tours. Average sightings of whales is at 98%. Other species one could see is minke whale, white beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and occasionally blue whale, killer whale (orca), sei whale, bottlenose whale and sperm whale.

As the whale watching takes place inside the fjord of Eyjafjordur the troll like mountains can offer cover from wind and therefore big waves.

Two other factors make this area so good for unexperienced sailors; the rock of Hrolfssker in the mouth of the fjord and Hrisey Island the pearl of Eyjafjordur break down the big ocean waves. As the fjord is very narrow you can enjoy sightings of mountains all around, farms and small fishing villages.. Visit the Troll Peninsula and go out for an adventure in Eyjafjordur, enjoying sightings of these big and great mammals.

Package tours related to Whale watching

  • Whale Watching Adventure

    Whale watching adventure from Dalvík all year round.

    Included in price is a warm overalls to secure your comfort on board,  hot drinks and local refreshments,sea angling at the end of the tour and a grill of freshly caught fish once back in Dalvík.

    •  3 hours
    •  Pickup not included


  • Whale Watching Hauganes

    Whale watching from Hauganes 2015, daily from May 15th to 15 September.  

    Included: Guided tour, coffee and snacks, fishing rods and safety equipment. 

    •  3 hours
    •  Pickup not included

Tour operators

  • Arctic Sea Tours

    Arctic Whale Watching. A great adventure and unique experience for everyone. In Dalvík you have an exceptionally good chance to encounter the great humpback whale or 94% and often we spot white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, the small harbour porpoises and sometimes even the majestic blue whale. Overall we see whales in 98% of our tours. 3 hour whale watching tour. Warm overalls to secure your comfort on board. Hot drinks and local refreshments. 15 minutes sea angling at the end of the tour. Grill of freshly caught fish once back in Dalvík. Departure every day all around the year at 13:00, more departure times in summer.

  • Whale Watching Hauganes

    Whale watching in Hauganes 1-4 times a day from the 1st of May until the 31st of October. 

    Included: Guided tour, coffee, safety equipment and fishing gear. 

    Whale watching in Hauganes offers whale watching and sea angling tours from Hauganes which is a small fishing village in Eyjafjörður only 34 km from Akureyri. Whale watching in Hauganes is an old family company and has been in the same family from the beginning. On these tours we offer coffee and homemade pastries, and we provide all equipment for sea angling. Tours are available for both individuals and groups.