The mountains have been awake for thousands of years, with a closer look you can see within them glittering tears …Thus wrote one of Iceland’s modern poets in a popular rock song and it is appropriate for the Troll Peninsula.   The Troll Peninsula or Tröllaskagi is the biggest continuous mountain area in Iceland and due to that fact the peninsula is on list over protected areas. One of the characteristics of the peninsula are the number of glaciers but you will find somewhere between 150 – 200 small glaciers on mountain tops and deep in the valleys. The Troll Peninsula has been moulded and carved by the ice during the ages, and the ice has left us majestic mountains, beautiful valleys and mountain lakes. You can easily experience magic, power and tranquillity once you´re there.  Therefore the Troll Penninsula is a rich source for people seeking the pleasure of various outdoor sports all year round with the feeling of being in the highland far away from any man made influence.

In the Troll Peninsula you will find the highest mountains in North Iceland, and in this part of the peninsula you can locate three of them: Dýjafjallshnjúk 1445 m, Kvarnársdalshnjúk 1424m og Heiðingja 1402m.  In general the averaged height of the mountains is about um 930m  or 3000ft. 

With such spectacular scenery the Troll Peninsula is the home of numerous hiking routes which can be enjoyed all year around. You should be able to find all levels of difficulties, from easy stroll in Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve to hiking up some difficult mountain tops.

University at Holar have published number of good maps of the Troll peninsula (1:50.000) with hiking trails.  You will also find many marked hiking trails on the peninsula. Ask for maps and information at the tourist information centres around.  They usually sell the maps from Holar which we recommend if you want to travel outside of marked paths.

Each year, in the end of June, there is a hiking week with guided tours daily.  Information about the hiking week can be found here, but only in Icelandic. http://www.dalvikurbyggd.is/gonguvika/ and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gonguvika

On this site you can find a list and simple map of number of hiking routes in Fjallabyggd. 

There are number of operators that offer guided tours in the area, both organized trips and private 


Please notice that travelling through Icelandic mountain scenario can be difficult and dangerous at times so every precaution must be made. Weather can change quickly, even during the summertime, making it difficult to find the way. Every traveller is there for advised to make every possible precaution; let someone know where you are going (for example the staff in your accommodation) and how long you think you will be away, make sure to have a good map and to have all the appropriate gear.

We recommend seeking guidance from the experienced mountain guides in the area.

For further information on save travelling visit the website www.safetravel.is

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