Horses and Horsrentals

Horses were first brought to Iceland by the first Viking settlers during the years 874 - 930.  At the early stage, import of farm animals was forbidden in the country. Because of this, the original Nordic horse remained as a preserved purebred in Iceland throughout the centuries. Small though it is, it is not a pony.

Through the centuries the horse was indispensable. He ploughed the fields, carried cargo and crops, forded glacial rivers and picked his surefooted way over treacherous mountain trails, sharing the often short and brutish life of his master as a partner and beloved friend. That partnership, between man and horse, forged over a thousand years ago, endures today with a love and loyalty that is hard to describe.

The horses are still used to gather sheep in the fall and horseback riding is a popular sport and a hobby today. Unlike many other breeds the Icelandic horse has remained pure due to its isolation and has as such kept a variety of features that keep it unique and gained it worldwide praise.

There are a number of operators in the Troll Peninsula offering both horse shows and horse riding tours of various lengths for every level of expertise. 


Package tours related to Horses and Horsrentals

  • River banks - Nature Reserve

    You can go on a guided tour in the Birdland nature reserve in beautiful nature of Svarfaðardalur. This horse riding tour takes you on a ride to the river banks in the valley. A lot of birdlif during the summer.

    •  1 - 3 Hrs
    •  Pickup not included
  • vemundastadir-hestaleiga.jpg

    The horse rental Vémundastaðir in Ólafsfjörður offers riding tours for everyone at all levels. Whether you are used to it or a beginner does not matter, always something for everyone. Come and join and choose your time with a mentor or not. Experience the Icelandic nature and the area around Ólafsfjörður. Family, friends, workgroups and individuals, everyone is welcome! We also offer customized rides that are designed according to your wishes. It does not matter if you have never ridden a horse or have a lot of experience, we have the right horse for you.

    To book a ride you can send an e-mail to but you can also call 869-8444.

Tour operators

  • Tvistur Horserental

    We offer long and short riding tours for beginners and experienced riders with a guide.
    We also have horse shows for groups. Riding courses can be set up on demand.
    Northern light tours on ice and snow in the winter. 
    Open all year round.

  • Icelandic Horse

    Langhús is a horse farm where horses are bred, trained, raised and traded.  We have around 40 horses at all ages. Our stable can accommodate 16 horses. All our broodmares are trained, most of them are shown and evaluated.  We breed about 6-8 mares per year.  Our horses have the A-breeder’s certification, that is to say, the mares get full papers for the foals from the stallion caretakers after ultrasound, our foals are marked with microchips, and we are thorough about papers, animal health and welfare, and taking excellent care of our horses.

    Horses, horse training, and loving animals in general, is a big interest for us all in the family.

    We also have a dairy farm at Langhús, a typical family-size farm in Iceland, with around 40 Icelandic dairy cows and some young calves and cows being raised for the future.  There are on the farm also 16 Icelandic sheep and their lambs, 2 Icelandic sheepdogs, a couple of bunnies, a budgie, and aquariums.

    The farm is run with the goal of being very considerate to the nature, animal welfare, and for animals getting a life where they can have their behavior needs fulfilled.  We want to live with the nature, the farm animals and the wild animals, not exploit them.  The farm animals stay outside on pasture for 6-12 months per year and enjoy their freedom and natural behavior.  We use no pesticides or insecticides, and have huge areas on our farm with open natural land where birds are protected, and can nest and raise their babies.

    We offer guided horse tours with one of us, the local farmers at Langhus farm, and our assistant guides.  We have well trained horses, steady and obedient, they are our family and work horses, and some of them have been used for competitions, they are happy, well taken care of, and live a fulfilled life.  We take the time to match you with the right horse for you, and to give good instructions about riding so you can enjoy the tour better.  We keep this on a personal level, so people can see the Icelandic nature, the background of the horses and what made them what they are (the sometimes harsh and sometimes wonderful nature, the breeding, the people and the culture), get lessons if they want, get to know excellent horses and visit an Icelandic farm on the real countryside. We operate all year round.

    We have several tour options to give ideas. But like when travelling friends are planning a trip, you can design the tour with us.  You choose with us which way you want to go, on what kind of horses, how long, how challenging, you can also come for several days on rides. We can help with accommodation, with other things to do when not riding, etc. Just feel free to contact us and we make something wonderful together, and more important, have fun.

    Our groups are usually small and at the speed and difficulty that fits our guests.  But if you have a bigger group, then we can now accommodate groups of 15 riders, and in 2017 we can take bigger groups than that.

    Also, it always takes a few minutes extra to prepare you for the tour, and it’s not fun for you to be in a hurry. We do a little riding lesson before the tour itself starts, so if you are beginners you learn a bit about how to ride, and experienced riders learn how to ride the Icelandic horse. That is helpful and fun for everybody.  So, the whole visit here can easily take 30-90 minutes more than the tour itself. On the other hand, if you are on a tight schedule we can do the whole process in a fast way and focus simply on the ride itself.

  • vem_hestaleiga.jpg

    We offer horse riding for additonal fee. We can ride a calm tour with beginners or a bit faster with more experienced riders. Do not bring used horse equipment to Iceland, such as shoes. It can bring diseases. See this link for more information: tollur is, import-restrictions. For more information pleace contact us by e-mail or by phone 354- 869 8444