Kaffi Rauðka


Kaffi Rauðka is located in a brigt red house by the marina in Siglufjordur. It is an excellent place to meet the locals and breathe in the atmosphere of this nice little fishermen´s town.

Kaffi Raudka opened in 2011 and is open every day during the sumemrtime, from June untill end of August. Warm home cooked meals are served during lunchtime during weekdays and visitors can also order from a diverse menu including everything from cakes and sandwiches to traditional Icelandic hashed fish or BBQ baby back ribs making it an excellent choice for the whole family.  In Raudka´s outdoor area it is possible to play beach volleyball, mini golf and giant chess during summertime.  

During wintertime it is mostly open for groups or special occasions. The north side of Kaffi Raudka is also used as a music hall and concerts are hosted there regularly.

Kaffi Raudka is one of Siglo Hotel´s three local restaurant. The other two restaurants are Hannes Boy and Restaurant Sunna that is located within the hotel.

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  • Raudka ehf

    Kaffi Rauðka and Hannes Boy are in recently renovated wooden houses by the marina in Siglufjörður. Visitors can watch the life at the harbour and enjoy a beautiful view. In the summertime visitors often like to sit outside and watch the daily life in Siglufjörður. In Rauðka's outdoor area it is possible to play volleyball and mini golf.