Camping Site Siglufjörður

Welcome to the campingsites of Fjallabyggð in Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður
  • Adults: 1.400 ISK.
  • Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.200 ISK.
  • FREE for 16 years and younger
  • Electricity: 1.200 ISK.
  • Washing machine and dryer: 500 ISK. Pr. wash
Campingsite guard:

Guðmundur (Gummi) Phone number 663-5560

Tour operators

  • Camping Site Siglufjörður

    The camping site at Siglufjördur is located in the town centre at the square and the marina. All services, recreational facilities and museums are in 5 -10 minutes walking distance. South of the snow avalanche barrier (“Stóri boli” or Big Bull) a special area is to be found for those who want peace and quiet and from there the golf course, the horse stables and the bird nesting grounds are only a short distance away. There is an approximately 10 minutes’ walk to the downtown area where there is a building with access to showers and washing machines for tourists and others.