Harbour House Cafe

Harbour House, offers spectacular harbour views & a rustic interior that celebrates the site ´s industrial maritime heritage. Welcoming & friendly atmosphere fill´s the Harbour House, inviting you to stay as long as you like. On good summer days a patio surrounds the house, perfect for enjoying the sun while tasting some of our exceptional dishes.

Our goal at Harbour house is to offer people fresh local fish, while enjoying the surrounding that you deserve.
Looking forwards seeing you at the Harbour House Café,  

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  • Harbour House Cafe

    Harbour House Cafe which is located just a few meters from the heart of Siglo's thriving harbour is a bar, restaurant, and coffee house specializing in Icelandic seafood cuisine with a special cozy environment not found anywhere.  The building itself is located right in the harbour and was once a dock and ship workers rest house.  Now as an internationally friendly and welcoming establishment, Harbour House is family owned and operated by the Sigurdsson family who have a long and deep rooted history in Siglo.  All guests are treated like friends and family which will leave a positive and lasting impression from decor, to dining and friendly family staff.