Cafe Klara

The owners of the Café are Ida Marguerite Semey and Bjarni Guðmundsson

Café Klara is located on Strandgata 2 in Ólafsfjörður.

 Kaffi Klara has the old post office flare - old phone booths and bookshelves filled with books to read and an old phone on display. The place is decorated with pictures from the town, the post office money safe, brick tiles, a unique serving table and homemade tables with old stamps on them. We also offer local artists and artist from Listhús (artist residency) to expose their artwork.

In the coffeehouse you can sit down in a peaceful atmosphere, enjoy a good cup of coffee or a cup of tea, a piece of cake while surfing of the net on your phone. Children a very welcome. You can enjoy the surrounding nature the whole year round, you can taste local food, homemade soup, delicious cakes, open sandwiches and enjoy the peace in a small village in North Iceland.
We encourage you to visit the museum next door, the local art craft Gallery Ugla, go for a swim in the unique outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the walk along the harbour behind the coffeehouse or along the beautiful bird pond located within sight.
Apart from food we have started to produce our own infused salt, we have different sorts such as f.ex. chili-salt, lemon-salt and garlic salt with parsley, and we tend to start with more local products during Spring 2018.
On the top floor of the coffeehouse you will find our guesthouse. We have 6 rooms with shared bathroom to rent. The floor used to be the home of the postmaster in the village. It is very nicely decorated, has very good beds and according to our guests you get a very good sleep.

Free wi-fi for both the Guesthouse and Café.

You can find us on under Gistihús Jóa and look at our website

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    Small and cosy 6 bedroom Guesthouse in the heart of town. The owners are husband and wife, Helgi Jóhannsson and Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir.
    It was in the summer of 2011 that they decided to buy Strandgata 2, the old post office in town, witch was in use from 1967-2000. The main floor housed the post office itself and the second floor was used as the postmaster's apartment. In 2000 the post office was moved to the bank and the ""old post office"" was sold. For a few years the house was used for offices but nothing was upkept.
    For a few years now the house has stood untouched and has be come a real soar in the town since nothing has been done for it and it has started to demolish. We saw an opportunity both in the house itself and it's location and we wanted to restore it to it's former glory. We have put a lot of work into the house, mostly by the owners, Helgi and Bjarkey, as well as Helgi's father, Jóhann Helgason, carpenter. The Guesthouse draws it's name from him.
    The Guesthouse has six rooms all with a sink, 2 single romos, 2 twin rooms and 1 double room also with a sofa bed and 1 family room with two beds and a bunk bed (fits adults) and two shared bathrooms, one with a shower. The ground floor holds Café Klara where the guests are served breakfast. Both the Guesthouse and the Café offer free wi-fi